DIVA’S Person of the Month


I am absolutely thrilled to have been named as DIVA magazine’s Person of the Month for September 2016. The commendation reads:

“Congratulations to writer and playwright Hilary McCollum, whose debut novel, Golddigger, has aptly won her a Goldie international award for historical fiction from the Golden Crown Literary Society. Golddigger is the story of a young lesbian who’s left life and love behind in famine-ravaged Ireland in pursuit of life as a “forty-niner” in the Californian gold rush. McCollum’s preceding work includes her play Lesbian Style, her memoir Funny Peculiar, and a lifelong commitment to developing LGBT creative voices. She’s even written for DIVA! Her next project is a novel set in the British suffragette movement. Well done, Hilary!

Golddigger is available now from Bella Books and Amazon.”

Thank you so much. It means a lot.

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