Courtesy of hitched

Courtesy of The Butch Clothing Company and hitched

A number of the photos on this website, including this one, were taken by Paula Smith at Hitched Imaging on a photo shoot for The Butch Clothing Company.

From the first time I heard of The Butch Clothing Company, I wanted one of their suits. For two years I visited their website, imagining what I would buy. I finally ordered my suit in autumn 2012 and I absolutely love it! Shaz Riley, the director of The Butch Clothing Company, couldn’t have been more helpful. She was extremely patient as I hummed and hawed about which fabric and which cut and which lining… I’m really happy with the choices I made. Whenever I put my suit on I feel great.

The photo shoot was in September 2013. I was nervous but Paula Smith from Hitched Imaging was brilliant at putting me at my ease.

So if you’re looking for a suit, then The Butch Clothing Company is the place for you, and if you need a photographer, look no further than Paula at Hitched Imaging.

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