pussy riot

Protest in support of Pussy Riot, Guildhall Square, Derry

I have been a feminist activist for more than 25 years, working to promote women’s rights as human rights and increase women’s choices and freedom to make decisions about their own lives.

I have been particularly involved in work on violence against women and children – as a rape crisis volunteer, a member of women’s campaigning organisations and a steering group member of End Violence Against Women.

We live in a world where literally millions of women have experienced rape, domestic violence, stalking and harassment, often by men closest to them. A world where all women’s lives are limited by the fear of rape, violence and abuse.

I want a different world. One where women can go where they like, whenever they like, wearing whatever they like without fear. One where women and girls are free to live their lives and make the most of their talents without the threat and reality of violence.

Such a world can be a reality. It will not happen overnight but it will happen if individuals, communities and governments commit themselves to achieving it. Change is possible and we all have our part to play.

To get involved in campaigning on violence against women and girls, contact your local women’s refuge, rape crisis centre or women’s centre. In Britain, you can find ways to get involved and lots of useful information at End Violence Against Women.  In Ireland, you can contact The Other Half.

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